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5 Best Xverify Alternatives With Better Email Verification Accuracy In 2024

Your quest to find one of the best Xverify alternatives has brought you here.

Lucky for you, we have scavenged the internet and found the top 5 alternatives for you.

You see, not long before, Xverify was at a pinnacle when it comes to email verification and email list cleaning. A lot of businesses and email marketers relied on its services.

Xverify specializes in cleaning your email lists. But over the years, Xverify continued offering similar services with little to no upgrades in its verification accuracy and quality. On the other hand, its competitors introduced new features, and implemented new verification techniques, ultimately giving them an edge over Xverify.

Hence, in this blog post, we will discuss some of those alternatives to Xverify along with their set of features and pricing plans.

Just to give you an idea, here’s an…

Overview & Comparison Of Xverify Alternatives

Software5,000 Credits10,000 Credits50,000 Credits100,000 CreditsAccuracy Level

Before we start exploring each of these alternative solutions in detail, allow us to briefly talk about Xverify and why you must look for its alternative.

What Is Xverify?

Xverify is a well-known email verification and email list cleaning service that has been helping businesses for over a decade. Xverify specializes in verifying email addresses before sending an email to them, helping you to avoid wasting time and money on communicating with inactive or invalid email accounts.

Xverify - Email Verification Service

Xverify also provides list cleaning services, which allow you to identify and remove email addresses that are invalid, inactive, or spam traps. It also eliminates hard bounces. This helps you to keep the email list clean and up to date, improving the effectiveness of email campaigns and saving money.

The software has been extremely effective and efficient for a while. On top of this, Xverify is also extremely easy to use. It requires no setup or software installation, and businesses can quickly and easily verify their email lists or clean up their existing lists with just a few clicks.

Additionally, Xverify also provides you with detailed reporting, allowing you to track your progress and identify any potential issues or problems.

This makes it easy for businesses to improve their sender reputation and to ensure that their communications are reaching the right people.

Overall, Xverify was a reliable and cost-effective service that offered businesses a variety of benefits, including better email deliverability, improved email marketing campaigns, improved sender reputation, and increased ROI.

As we have said again, Xverify is certainly not the best software and there are better alternatives out there. Just to give you some clarity, here are some reasons as to…

Why You Should Look For Xverify Alternatives? – Drawbacks Of Xverify

  • Xverify offers only 98% email verification accuracy while its competitors offer higher than this.
  • The software may be however simple to use but its overall user interface is old and lacks modern touch.
  • This tool still uses the same old verification techniques. As a result of this, it returns with either an “accept-all” or “unverifiable” status for valid email addresses.
  • The support of Xverify is also slow when compared with its competitors. At the same time, you can only contact them through emails or through a toll-free number.
  • Despite the lack of technological advancements in Xverify, you’d find that it is an expensive email verifier. There are other software that are cheaper than Xverify.

Exploring All Xverify Alternatives In Detail

Now that you know that there are better alternative solutions, it’s time for you to know more about them in detail.

Let’s start with the best i.e. us.

1. MailCleanup

If you don’t know about us, MailCleanup is one of the cheapest email verification and email list cleaning software. We use proprietary verification techniques to clean your email lists and offer accuracy of up to 99%.

Due to this, we like to believe that we are one of the best Xverify alternatives in the market.

In addition to this, the stuff that also makes us unique and different from other solutions is that we are purely an email validation service. Unlike other solutions that come as a SaaS application, we instead offer you purely our service.

To further elaborate, first, you evaluate how many credits you require. Next, you send us your “dirty” email list through an order form (includes payment). Once you successfully submit the form, your email list file is automatically processed for verification. Lastly, after the verification process is complete, you will receive your “clean” email lists directly at your email address.

MailCleanup - Best Xverify Alternative

Key Features Of MailCleanup

  • We carry out real-time SMTP verification to determine the validity of email addresses.
  • MailCleanup also removes duplicate emails from your email lists.
  • Similarly, our system also checks for emails with invalid syntax and typos.
  • We remove emails belonging to anti-greylisted and toxic domains.
  • The software also checks and removes emails from disposable or temporary mailboxes.
  • We ensure that your data is 100% secured at every step of verification. We are also compliant with GDPR.

MailCleanup Pricing

As said earlier, MailCleanup is one of the cheapest email list cleaning services in the market. Our plan starts at $5 for 1,000 credits and goes up to $500 for 1 million credits.

If you want to verify more than 1 million email addresses, we offer custom pricing as well.

Lastly, although we do not offer a free trial, we often make an exception and provide a few credits just so you can test our efficiency. All you’ve got to do is get in touch with us and ask for free credits.

2. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is one of the best email validation services as of now. The software has been in the business for a while now and it is clearly dominating the email verification niche.

The reason behind its popularity is its 99% email verification accuracy which is achieved with the help of multiple email cleaning processes. On top of this, there are other email deliverability tools available in the software that will make your email marketing campaigns perform better.

And, as far as email verification is concerned, ZeroBounce offers bulk email verification and real-time verification using its API.

Not to forget, it can also be integrated with other software. This will allow you to employ its email cleaning features across your own software or sign-up forms.

ZeroBounce - Xverify Alternatives

Key Features Of ZeroBounce

  • ZeroBounce validates email addresses at a high speed. It claims to validate 100,000 email addresses in 45 minutes.
  • It is one of the few Xverify alternatives that can detect and remove spam traps.
  • The software can find catch-all emails and also emails belonging to toxic domains.
  • Email addresses belonging to disposable mailboxes are automatically removed.
  • Furthermore, the software comes with an email type correction feature.
  • It is one of the only alternatives to Xverify that supports social information append for email addresses. It can also detect the gender of the recipient.
  • ZeroBounce also comes with a set of robust API for seamless integration.

ZeroBounce Pricing

ZeroBounce is a free Xverify alternative as it offers 100 free credits every month. Although, if you want to clean more emails, you can opt for its pricing package.

Speaking of which, it offers pay-as-you-go and monthly plans. The pay-as-you-go plans start at $16 for 2,000 credits and go up to $2,250 for 1 million credits.

3. Emailable

Another Xverify alternative that is getting a lot of attention these days is Emailable. The software offers a wide range of email verification and list cleaning features. On top of this, the software claims to offer up to 99% email verification accuracy, which is higher than Xverify.

Speaking about features, Emailable will allow you to upload your email list in bulk and clean them. Next, it also allows you to automate this process. Furthermore, you can integrate its real-time verification feature using its API.

Besides this, Emailable comes with a host of email deliverability features. With the help of this toolkit, you can find out what factors are affecting your email deliverability and how you can improve it.

Due to this, Emailable has been highly rated and bagged a ton of positive reviews on Captera G2, and Trustpilot. Naturally, it becomes one of the most viable Xverify alternatives.

Emailable - Alternatives To Xverify

Key Features Of Emailable

  • The software offers multiple ways to upload or import your email lists for the verification process.
  • Once you process your list for verification, your email list will be free from invalid and expired email addresses.
  • Moreover, you get to remove temporary emails and emails with incorrect syntax. Duplicate entries are also removed from your email list.
  • It is one of the only software to offer a real-time email verification widget that you can use on your sign-up forms.
  • You can also integrate with email marketing services for automatic email list cleaning. Also, with the help of API, you can integrate Emailable with any third-party software.
  • There’s an extensive set of email deliverability features in Emailable.

Emailable Pricing

Emailable is a premium alternative to Xverify as it does not offer any free plan or tier. Although, every new user is offered 250 free credits which can be used to test the overall efficiency of the software.

Once you are satisfied, you can opt for its premium plans. It offers pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription plans. The pay-as-you-go plans start at $30 for 5,000 credits and go up to $3,375 for 2,500,000 credits.

4. Bouncer

Bouncer is another new email validation service in the email marketing niche. Despite it being new, the software is attracting a lot of praise and attention from email marketers and enterprise-level businesses.

The reason behind such popularity is its advanced features and 98% verification accuracy. In addition to this, there are several other features that thoroughly clean your email list and help you improve your email deliverability.

Speaking of which, it comes with a deliverability kit that will help you perform inbox placement tests, verify your authentication, and monitor blacklists. Although, you must know that this is a premium toolkit and has a dedicated pricing package.

Lastly, we also found that Bouncer is highly secure and adheres to GDPR compliance. As far as usability is concerned, its users say that it is fairly simple to use. And, if you compare it with Bouncer, its user interface is simple and modern.

Bouncer - Free Xverify Alternatives

Key Features Of Bouncer

  • Like any conventional email validation service, Bouncer will remove invalid, expired, and disposable email addresses.
  • It can detect catch-all email addresses and also those belonging to free or disposable mailboxes.
  • Bouncer is one of the only Xverify alternatives that provide bounce estimate. It analyzes your list and predicts the number of bounces you may get if you send a campaign.
  • It comes with free email verification sampling that tells you if you really need to verify your email list or not.
  • The software comes with several integration options with email marketing services and other third-party tools.

Bouncer Pricing

New users like yourself can avail its 100 free credits to test its efficiency. Once your free credits end, the software will ask you to upgrade to either its pay-as-you-go plans or monthly subscription.

The pay-as-you-go plan starts at $7 for 1,000 credits and the top tier of this plan comes at $1,500 for 1 million verification credits.

5. Kickbox

Kickbox has been developed by a team that is experienced in developing email technology. You could easily assume that the software offers stellar email verification features and capabilities. The software claims to be offering up to a 95% deliverability guarantee.

The software as a whole packs multiple ways to clean your email list. Conventionally, you can verify your list through file upload and bulk verify. Similarly, with the help of API, you can integrate it with any third-party software and employ its real-time verification feature.

In addition to this, Kickbox comes with several email deliverability features. With the help of this, you can find out what’s stopping you from reaching your subscribers’ inboxes and fix it.

Not to forget but Kickbox also offers a free email spam tester and disposable email API. To top this off, you’d love to know that the software is also GDPR compliant and follows strict safety precautions.

Kickbox - Xverify Alternative

Key Features Of Kickbox

  • It is one of the only Xverify alternatives (apart from MailCleanup) that comes with drag & drop interface. All you have to do is drop your contacts in the Kickbox interface.
  • Kickbox will not only remove duplicate entries but it will also remove invalid, expired, catch-all, and temporary emails.
  • The software seamlessly integrates with major email marketing services to facilitate automated email verification.
  • The email validation API ensures that you integrate Kickbox with any third-party app or sign-up form for real-time email verification.
  • You can also make use of Kickbox’s email deliverability features which includes blacklist monitoring, inbox placement, DMARC monitoring, email testing, etc.

Kickbox Pricing

You can test the software by using its free 100 email verification credits. Every new user is entitled to get this.

Once you are satisfied, you can upgrade and purchase more credits. Kickbox only offers pay-as-you-go plans that start at $5 for 500 credits and go up to $4,000 for 1 million credits.

Conclusion – Which Is The Best Xverify Alternative?

Now that you have explored all the Xverify alternatives, we hope that you have found the best one for your email verification needs.

You could clearly see that all the software mentioned in this post offers better accuracy and features than Xverify.

But when it comes to pricing, MailCleanup bags the top spot. Not only does it cheap but it offers up to 99% email verification accuracy.

So you could definitely give MailCleanup a try and see for yourself.

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