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Stop paying inflated fees to clean your email lists. Use MailCleanup and clean your emails at less than half the price.

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What Makes Us Different?

At MailCleanup, we take the middle-men out. No user accounts, no server dependencies, no hassle.
Get your cleaned email lists directly in your inbox.

Reduced Costs

Other services add extra charges for your user account & server usage. We eliminate all of this to reduce the overall email verification cost.

Secure List Cleaning

Our email list cleaning engine uses SSL security & military-grade data encryption to protect against any kind of data breach or information leak.

Less Hassle

Don’t worry about managing your user account. Just send us your email list, we’ll clean it and send the cleaned list to your email address.

One Time Payments

We do not believe in burdening you with expensive monthly plans. We offer flexible plans with a one-time payment option. Only pay for what you need.

Cheaper Is Good But What About Efficiency?

At MailCleanup, we do not compromise the quality of the email cleaning process.
Our email verification system is robust and offers all the essential features.

Email Deduplication

The system will remove all duplicate email addresses from your email list.

Domain Verification

All the email addresses containing inactive, invalid, or parked domains are removed.

Detailed SMTP Response

Get detailed responses from the SMTP server with the exact reasons for the rejection.

Remove Invalid Emails

All invalid email addresses are eliminated from your list during the cleaning process.


Uses real-time SMTP handshake with ISPs to check the validity of individual addresses.

Syntax Validation Check

Cleans your email list by removing email addresses with invalid syntax.

Catch-All Verification

We identify catch-all email addresses in your email lists and also remove them.


Reduces the deliverability issues by identifying the greylisting enabled domains.

Remove Disposable Emails

Removes all the disposable or temporary email addresses from your list.

MX Record Detection

The engine will use MX records detection to determine the validity of email addresses.


Our email cleaning system is capable of detecting soft & hard bounces for all email addresses.

Identify Inbox Full Recipients

We can detect and remove email addresses whose mailbox is full.

Why Choose MailCleanup?

We offer the most accurate email list cleaning & verification services at less than half the price. We are a specialist for a reason.

Unbeatable Accuracy

Up to 99% email verification accuracy

Cheapest Option

We are the cheapest list clearing service

Deliverability Boost

Get a boost in your open & click rates

Great Support

Reach out to us via chat or email

Verification Accuracy
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Bounces Prevented
Emails Cleaned
Customer Satisfaction
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Cheapest Email List Cleaning Service

For A Reason

We are the only service that charges you purely for list cleaning. No account fee, no server cost, no support cost.

1,000 Email Credits
$0.005 per email

25,000 Email Credits
$0.0012 per email

5,000 Email Credits
$0.002 per email

50,000 Email Credits
$0.001 per email

10,000 Email Credits
$0.0015 per email

100,000 Email Credits
$0.0009 per email

15,000 Email Credits
$0.0013 per email

500,000 Email Credits
$0.0006 per email

20,000 Email Credits
$0.00125 per email

1,000,000 Email Credits
$0.0005 per email

Contact us for 1,000,000+ email cleaning credits or custom plans

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Trusted & Loved By All

Don't just take our word for it.
See for yourself why MailCleanup is the favorite email list cleaning tool of awesome customers & companies.


Rated 5.0/5


Rated 4.8/5


Rated 4.5/5

I just can't begin to thank MailCleanup for their service. For starters, their support was exceptionally good. They helped me understand how cleaning their list would benefit my organization and me. Next, they removed duplicate email addresses from our database without a fuss. I also loved some of its high-tech features. Lastly, the delivery of our cleaned email list was also fast. No complaints whatsoever.

Soham B.

IoT Engineer

MailCleanup has the most affordable pricing plans as compared to other services. They didn’t compromise with the quality even after providing different cost effective plans which can be purchased by any individual regardless of their budget.

I simply selected the plan according to my list size and got the verified list emailed to me directly within a short span of time.

Ayush U.

Senior Operations Analyst

I love MailCleanup. It's the best service for cleaning my email lists, and we've been using it for a while now.

With MailCleanup, I can get rid of all the invalid and expired addresses that were present in our subscriber lists.

Their support team also deserves all the applause.

Abhishek M.

Front Office Associate

The beauty of this tool is its simplicity. There's no BS and straight work. You can basically verify your list in 3 simple steps. The results were on par with the competition.

Sunny R.

Customer support was great. She assisted me with everything that needs to be done. Highly recommend MailCleanup to any customers. Thank you very much for the great job.


I'm very satisfied with MailCleanup. I've used their services a while back and I can assure you that they are the only service that I know of that offers an affordable plan with all these great features.

Janhavi Purohit

I am a law professor by profession. Clearly, I do not know anything about mass emailing and the hygiene of email databases. My administration department assigned me the task to take care of email cleaning before the new semester starts. I happen to find MailCleanup and got in touch with its team regarding my requirements. I loved how the team was quick to offer me solutions. The best part is that this service is very beginner-friendly and is cheap in comparison to other services that I found. I am definitely going to use them again in the future.

Saood Khan

MailCleanup is very helpful and easy to use. The customer service is really amazing, they are really quick to respond and their prices are the cheapest around. I have browsed other services too but MailCleanup has the value for money without a doubt. I will never switch now that I have found them!

Poorvi Sharma

I am cleaning my subscribers’ lists that I have cultivated using my website with the help of MailCleanup. I send many promotional campaigns to my subscribers at certain events like Halloween, Black Friday, etc. Sending to a clean and verified email list ensures that I maintain my sender reputation and control bounces. I particularly love its bad syntax email remover and temporary email remover feature. I usually get a lot of these types of emails through my site’s sign-up form. Lastly, I am also very impressed with their support. 


Still Got Questions?

How does MailCleanup works?

It’s simple! You simply have to make the payment and upload the email list file (in CSV format) on the payment form. Our software will then automatically push the uploaded file to the verification engine. And, after the verification process is complete, we will send you the cleaned email list.

How accurate is MailCleanup?

We can assure you that our email list cleaning and verification service is accurate up to 99%.

What are the supported file formats for uploading email lists?

As of now, we only accept email lists in the .CSV format.

What about my unused email cleaning credits?

It is advisable to choose an appropriate plan and use all of your credits at once. Currently, we do not offer any provisions for storing your unused credits.

What about refunds?

Ideally, as soon as you place the order, the list cleaning process starts immediately. We will not be issuing refunds once the list cleaning process starts. However, you must get in touch with us immediately and let us know about the same. Under no circumstances, we will issue a refund if the list cleaning process is completed.

How much time does it take to clean the email list?

The cleaning process depends on the size of your email list. For smaller list sizes, the cleaning process takes only a few minutes. At the same time, for larger file sizes, it may take a few hours.

Why MailCleanup is cheaper than other list cleaning services?

Our prices are lower because we charge you purely for email cleaning & verification. While other services add charges for your user account, server usage, subscription, customer support, etc.

How does pricing works?

Our pricing is based on the number of email addresses that you want to clean. For this, we offer multiple pricing tiers with different cleaning credits. You simply have to calculate the number of emails you wish to clean and accordingly, pick the plan.

Do you offer any custom plans?

Yes, we do! If you want to clean more than 1 million email addresses, we can offer you a custom plan.